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Een blogpost op het voormalige frEdSCAPEs[1] uit 2010-07-20

Accessibility and the iPad: First Impressions

~ Accessibility and the iPad: First Impressions | ATMac

All existing iPhone accessibility features will be available on the iPad. This means VoiceOver, screen zoom, white-on-black display, mono audio, and closed-captioned content will all be supported on every iPad. It seems from the iPad specifications that fewer languages will be supported, at least initially, which will impact some VoiceOver users.

So what’s new with the iPad which is relevant to assistive technology and use by people with disabilities?

Eh… te veel om op te noemen! Dat is te lezen in bovengenoemd artikel.
Toch wel een paar aspecten waarmee de iPad zich van andere devices onderscheidt ‘naar wij dachten…’

~ Had ik hier al gezegd dat … [20090703]

  1. frEdSCAPEs is een weblog die ik in het verleden had.  ↩

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