mei 072009

Getriggerd door Steve Gillmor’s essay op TechCrunchIT (want het is meer dan zo maar een blog post):

Rest in Peace, RSS May 5, 2009 It’s time to get completely off RSS and switch to Twitter. RSS just doesn’t cut it anymore. The River of News has become the East River of news, which means it’s not worth swimming in if you get my drift
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~ Rest in Peace, RSS

Zijn statement is in lijn met de al tijden door hem gehuldigde Attention filosofie:

The idea behind attention is very simple. I know, because it’s my idea. Doc Searls introduced me to Dave Sifry at a party, and Dave and I sat in the corner for two hours and brainstormed how to turn that idea into reality. Later, I came down to Technorati’s office and fleshed the idea out, describing what I do (did) with NetNewsWire and how I wanted to do it better. Dave sat there, taking notes, debriefing me in a classic deconstruction of what I did with RSS data, what I found important, and what the inforouter (my name for an aggregator on steroids) could do to improve information transfer.
Bron ~ Waiting for Attention… or something like it [20050328]

En weet je wat? Ik betrap me er zelf op dat ik ook steeds minder in mijn rss reader ‘vertoef’. En dat van Twitter zou ook wel eens kunnen kloppen. Ik volg tweets met bepaalde trefwoorden en #hashtags. De lezer als filter en aggregator. En zo hoort het ook.